Customer Service

Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery

Free Shipping Exceptions - Please note that our free shipping policies, where applicable, do not extend beyond the contiguous 48 states. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges to Alaska (AK) and Hawaii (HI), as well as to/from APO or FPO addresses.

Shipping Policy – Instrument or Bow Trials

Potter Violins is happy to ship instruments or bows for your review and approval. Please note that you are responsible for the care and condition of the instrument(s), in addition to shipping costs, both to and from the shop. A major credit card will be required to secure the instruments until they are returned in good condition and to reimburse the shop for shipping expenses.

If you decide to purchase an instrument that has been shipped to you on trial, Potter Violins will cover the shipping costs for that specific instrument; shipping costs for other instruments shipped on trial will still be the responsibility of the cardholder.

Please note: Upon request, we can issue a shipping label from our commercial shipping account. Please contact our shipping department (call us and ask for Shipping or email to request a label or for more information.

Shipping Policy – Rental Instruments

New rental contracts and instrument size changes on existing rental contracts are subject to shipping charges. Please note that rental damage waiver insurance does not cover shipping for damaged instruments, bows or cases. Regular shipping charges also apply to instruments and bows shipped for repairs or routine maintenance.

Special rates may apply for multiple rental-contract instruments shipped to the same address. Please contact us for additional information.

Shipping & Return Instructions [Print S&R Instructions]

Shipping & Return InstructionsPlease provide your invoice number and the credit card number used, if credit is due.

All repairs must be scheduled before you ship merchandise to our shop. You should discuss any time constraints for repairs with us at that time.

Please use USPS, UPS or Federal Express only to ship your package to our shop.

All incoming rental exchanges and trade-in instruments must be received no later than four (4) weeks from when we process the transaction. If not returned within the 4-week time period, additional rent, fees and/or late charges will apply. These additional charges may not apply toward rental credit accumulation or trade-in credit.

Please see additional packing and shipping information on the reverse of the Shipping & Receiving Instructions card to ensure damage-free delivery to The Potter Violin Company.


If damage does occur, please keep the original shipping box, as well as all packing materials received, and call The Potter Violin Company immediately.

Please Do Not Ship The Damaged Package Back to Us

After we have notified USPS, UPS, or FedEx of the damaged package, an inspector will contact you to schedule an appointment to inspect the item.


New! How to Pack a Violin or Viola for Shipping

Place soft foam or tissue in front of and behind the bridge for support. (Please do not put foam on top of the bridge. The instrument may crack if there is too much downward pressure on the bridge.) You may also insert soft foam or tissue between the center strings on both sides of the bridge.

For Violas/Violins or Cellos shipped in hard cases, please use soft foam or a soft cloth to fill in any gaps between the instrument and the sides of the case to prevent any kind of movement.

Before packing a cello for shipment to us, we request that you loosen the strings on the instrument sufficiently to allow removal of the bridge. Please place a soft material, such as foam, underneath the tailpiece, in order to prevent it from scratching the top of the cello during shipment. The bridge can be wrapped separately and placed in a secure location inside the case. The instrument should then be put into the case, which must be shipped in a box filled with good quality packing material. If you have received a cello from us, please use the packing material, such as the grey bags, which you originally found in the box, for return shipments.

Box Dimensions

Violin (4/4, 3/4, 1/2)
34 x 14 x 8

Violin (1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, 1/32)
26 x 11 x 8

Violin Bows (All sizes)
37 x 9 x 9

Cello (4/4, 3/4, 1/2)
55 x 21½ x 15

Cello (1/4, 1/8, 1/10)
48 x 21½ x 15

Viola (All sizes)
34 x 14 x 8

Strings-only Orders Ship Free - Shipping is free for full string sets, or if your individual strings-only order totals more than $40.00.

Sheet Music and Accessories orders are subject to shipping charges.

Online Orders - Please note that online instrument orders will be shipped to the credit card billing address only.



Privacy & Security            

Potter Violins will not share, sell, or otherwise transmit or divulge the personal information of our clients to any persons, institutions or organizations without the express, direct and unambiguous consent of those clients.

We will take all reasonable and appropriate actions to protect the sensitive financial and personal information that you share with us as a consequence of our commercial relationship.

We are honored that you have chosen to place your trust in The Potter Violin Company and we will do everything we can to demonstrate that your confidence in us is justified.



Returns & Replacements          

Potter Violins considers your satisfaction to be our TOP priority. We stand by our products, and will exchange or return any item within our 21 days, subject to the following terms and conditions:

Instrument Return Policy

All new instruments or bows are backed by our 21-day money-back guarantee. These items must be returned in "new" condition. Otherwise, repair costs or depreciation due to damage may be charged and deducted from the refund amount.

Instruments taken on a one-week trial and then purchased are subject to our trade-in policy only.