Sassmannshaus: Early Start, Books 1-4

Sassmannshaus: Early Start, Books 1-4
The original German violin method was first published in 1976. The author Egon Sassmannshaus was one of the most experienced and renowned violin pedagogues in Germany. For the English edition his son Kurt Sassmannshaus worked as co-author and adapted his father’s successful method for English-speaking children.

The combined knowledge and experience of father and son make the four volumes of The Sassmannshaus Tradition the most thoroughly researched and thought-through beginner violin method in the world.

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Volume 1: 15 lessons. With numerous call songs and nursery rhymes. Includes flash cards for learning notes in first position and their finger placements.

Volume 2: 20 lessons. With numerous folksongs and nursery rhymes as well as dance forms, several in two parts for student and teacher to play together. Introduction to playing in upper positions.

Volume 3:  14 lessons. Elementary duets. With numerous dances and repertoire pieces in various keys. Music from the Baroque era to the early 20th century.

Volume 4: 15 lessons. Playing in upper positions, scales, arpeggios, double and triple stops, harmonics, ornaments, bowing techniques. Music from the Baroque era to the early 20th century.

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